∙          The Mediterranean-Gulf Forum (MGF) organizes a major Annual Meeting and a series of Thematic Sessions to discuss the adoption of Common Solutions to the Common Challenges relating to the Mediterranean and the Gulf.

∙          MGF gathers prominent figures from Europe and the Middle East, including government and institutional authorities; high representatives from the political, diplomatic, military, academic, and economic world; officials from regional and international organizations; experts, researchers, and professionals; journalists and media operators.

∙          MGF provides them with a new platform and new channels of communications to debate, exchange ideas, increase mutual understanding, and lay the groundwork for the implementation of coordinated strategies to address the most pressing issues affecting the broader region.

∙          By its  Annual Meetings and Thematic Sessions, MGF aims to consolidate a wide network of decision-makers and experts focused on matters of regional concern and willing to engage in a fruitful and long term cooperation to promote peace, good governance, sustainable development, freedom and respect for human rights.