Counterterrorism Strategies: Challenges and Perspectives - Brussels, 12 June 2015

The panel discussion on “Counter-Terrorism Strategies: Challenges and Perspectives”, organized in partnership by the Mediterranean-Gulf Forum, Atlantic Treaty Association and “Abhath” Al Thuraya Consultancy and Researches, will be held in Brussels on June 12th.

The attacks carried out in Paris on January 7th, 2015, call for an overhaul of the counter-terrorism strategies of the European countries facing the new terrorist threat. Today’s “homegrown” militants and “foreign fighters”, mainly tied to ISIS, al-Qaeda and their affiliated groups across the Middle East and Africa, represent a new generation of terrorists posing an array of new challenges to governments, law enforcement agencies, information services and ordinary citizens.

Prominent decision makers, officials and experts from Europe, the Middle East and Africa will debate about the characteristics and hybrid techniques of the new terrorist threat, stretching from Syria and Iraq to Sinai, Libya and Europe.

Owing to the synergy of expertise from different areas, the panel will identify the security and legal counter-measures to be implemented on a local, national and international level in order to effectively prevent radicalization, recruitment, terrorism financing and other attacks.

Given the transnational and cross-border nature of the threat, the need for allied and partner countries to develop cooperative security strategies in the fight against terrorism will be highlighted, along with the importance of increasing cooperation in counter-terrorism between the international security organizations.

The proceedings will also focus on the ideological roots of terrorism, pointing out the instruments and the solutions to be adopted in the field of deradicalization.

The panel discussion on “Counterterrorism Strategies: Challenges and Perspectives” will feature:

Peter SPOOR, Advisor to the EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator;

- Juliette BIRD, Head of the Counterterrorism Section, NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division;

-  Mr. Noman BENOTMAN, President, Quilliam Foundation

- Fares BRAIZAT, Director of Strategic Studies and Evaluation at the Office of His Majesty, Royal Hashemite Court, Jordan;

- Ely Ould Mohammed VALL, former President of Mauritania;

- Karl A. LAMERS, Vice President of the Atlantic Treaty Association and the NATO Parliamentary Assembly;

- Fabrizio W. LUCIOLLI, President of the Atlantic Treaty Association.

The event will be moderated by Georgi GOTEV, EurActiv Senior Editor.

Panel Discussion, “Counterterrorism Strategies: Challenges and Perspectives”, ATA Headquarters (Quartier Prince Albert, Rue des Carmes 20), 14-18.

Agenda Speakers