Who we are

∙          The Mediterranean-Gulf Forum (MGF) is an independent and non-profit organization committed to fostering the adoption of Common Solutions to the Common Challenges binding together the Mediterranean and the Gulf region in the security, socio-economic, and cultural field.

∙          Through active dialogue and cooperation, MGF intends to exert a direct and constructive impact on the processes underway in the Middle East, so as to steer them towards a new era of enduring peace, good governance, sustainable development, respect for human rights and freedoms.

∙          To this end, MGF initiatives engage major leaders, officials, senior experts, and other relevant figures from the broader region.

∙          MGF promotes conferences, seminars and thematic meetings; international cooperation programs; study and research projects; educational and training courses; information and youth activities.

∙          MGF pursues its aims in cooperation with international organizations, regional governments, think tanks, the civil society, and the private sector.

∙          MGF has been established in 2014 and is the result of a joint effort involving researchers, experts, and professionals from Mediterranean and Gulf countries.